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Peter Oppenheimer references Chitika Tablet Market Share stats. Chitika reported iPad accounted for 82% of all North American tablet-led traffic in March

In one of the most highly anticipated earnings calls of 2013, Apple SVP and CFO Peter Oppenheimer cited Chitika Insights data, using stats from our most recent Tablet Market Share Study. 

Oppenheimer stated, “And in the enterprise, iOS devices have a strong lead over Android. In its most recently published quarterly enterprise device activations report, good technologies found that iOS devices accounted for 77% of all activations by its corporate customers. And thanks to careful App Store curation for the quality of apps, the iOS platform offers a much more secure environment…But perhaps the most important measure of the success of our ecosystem is how engaged our customers are with our products and services. In its most recently published update, Chitika found that iPad accounted for 82% of all North American tablet-led traffic in March.”

This further highlights the importance of data looking at web usage in addition to sales and shipment figures when determining success of a device on the market. Click here to join the Chitika Pulse for bi-weekly updates from our data team!

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